Mindbody Migration

We are excited to announce we will migrate from Mindybody to Wellnessliving the afternoon of August 18th, 2020

Wellness living is a Canadian company with a Canadian 3rd party payment processing engine. For more information check out: www.wellnessliving.com

What will happen August 18th

  • This will be the last day we use Mindbody
  • The Wellness data team will migrate the membership profiles, scheduled classes, visit history, membership payment history, and Contact logs
  • Data validation performed by the Wellness and Oxygen team
  • Evening classes check in on WellnessLiving
  • End of day turn off Mindbody

What do I need to do?

  • Login ASAP to WellnessLiving and get familiar with the application (same username and password as Mindbody) click here to login using a browser
  • Sign the waiver when prompted
  • Download the Achieve Application on the App store

August 19th

All class bookings, check in, changes, payments will be performed in WellnessLiving – we will be live on the new system!

Post migration, we will certainly encounter some issues and I thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during this time. My hope is that all will be smoothed out before the busy fall season arrives. August is the best month for tackling such an effort.  I know you will really enjoy the new App

Migration fallback plan

If the migrated data does not pass the data quality test we will revert to Mindbody and plan another weekend. Please do not uninstall the APP you are using currently to book classes. We will let you know when it is safe to do so.

Members benefits

  1. Member Rewards features with redemption prizes
  2. Member health tracking and goal setting
  3. Integrated On demand videos (locally recorded)
  4. Self-service payment method updates
  5. Self-service holds for certain memberships types
  6. Share punch passes with family members
  7. Self service link friends and family members   
  8. Streamlined class booking (APP and browser interface)

Studio Benefits

  1. Fully integrated management system with multi location scheduling, recorded videos, and live streaming classes
  2. Better reporting
  3. More self-service options reducing administration
  4. More options for membership types
  5. Reduced monthly cost
  6. Better 3rd party application integration

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