Our Response

We are all double vaccinated but that doesn’t mean we let our guard down.

  1. We continue to use a mild bleach solution to wash the floors, touch points, and equipment  
  2. Class capacity is set at 17 members (pre COVID was 20-22)
  3. We are continuing with 30 minutes between classes (pre-covid 15 minutes) for cleaning and entry and exiting of the studio. It’s not nearly as congested between classes
  4. Masks must be worn entering the studio and can be removed when you are settled on your mat
  5. Traffic flow and mat markers help us stay organized
  6. Presenting a COVID passport is required. Each person must be double vaccinated
  7. All the class formats are now running
  8. All washrooms and showers are open
  9. The studio temperature is no longer restricted. Don’t forget we use FAR Infrared lamps as a heat source

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